Initial Setup (Azure Marketplace)

Initial Setup Quick Summary


  1. Microsoft Account on your Office 365 tenancy. This account must have:
    1. Global Administrator
    2. Admin Agent permissions or greater
    3. 2 Factor Authentication enabled
  2. ConnectWise API Member or Autotask API User created
  3. Use Google Chrome or Firefox to complete the initial setup processes

Video Guide

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Once you have the prerequisites listed above:

  1. Complete the steps from the Azure Marketplace listing
  2. Once complete, you will be redirected to
  3. Login with Microsoft OAuth for your MSP Tenancy
  4. Select Create MSP and accept Azure Billing Profile prompt
  5. Authorise CSP Portal to your customer tenancies via Partner Center
  6. Enter your PSA API Keys
  7. Enable Allowed Users

Step by Step

Once we've completed the Microsoft Azure Marketplace process, we will have the option to Configure Account

This will redirect us to

Sign in with your named Microsoft 365 using your Office 365 accounts. This doesn't necessarily need to be your Global Admin, as we will use this account later to authenticate with the Partner Center.

This must be an account associated with your MSP Tenancy (Not a client or end-user account).

Please note this account should not have a domain.

  • CSP Portal uses Microsoft’s OAuth v2.0 identity system for authentication, removing the need for you to have yet another login.
  • This is used to gather end user and licensing details, as well as logging & auditing
  • If available, enable Consent on behalf of your organization.
  • Review and accept the Permissions requested page

Complete the basic Wizard information

Your MSP Details will be filled for you from your Microsoft Tenancy. Select Create MSP to continue.

When prompted, select Yes to accept the Azure Billing Profile setup:

Authenticate with Partner Center

CSP Portal requires access to the details of your clients in order discover and display the assigned users of licenses & verify license count within the Microsoft platforms. Without this we are unable to retrieve the subscription details for your clients and thus will be unable to properly sync licensing information to your PSA.

We have found that authenticating through the Partner Center is the most reliable way to do this.

  • Select Authenticate Partner Center, if this is unsuccessful please review the following:

If this step fails, review the following article: Confirm your Microsoft Account has the correct permissions

Select your PSA, and enter API details


Company Name
  1. My Company ID within Connectwise
Connectwise URL:
  1. Service URL that you log into your Connectwise from
Public Key + Private Key:

How to create a ConnectWise API Member for the CSP Portal


How to create an Autotask API User for the CSP Portal

  1. Enter the login username into the Authentication ID Field
  2. Enter the login password into the Authentication Key Field

Allow Additional Access to your CSP Portal

A list of users will be pre-generated from your Office 365 tenant.

Click and drag names from the Disallowed Users column to the Allowed Users column as required.

These can be altered later from your Company Settings page.

Select Save User List to finalize your setup.

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