NCE Product Mapping

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This guide will run through step by step how to map your Dicker Data NCE products to the corresponding PSA product and agreement in CSP Portal.

To best prepare for NCE in CSP Portal, you can map your Dicker Data NCE products to the PSA product and agreement.

NCE licenses will not sync in the legacy nightly sync.

1.      Go to the Licenses page.

2.      Select a client.

3.      Review the licenses and in the Product Mapping column, click on ‘Not Mapped’.

4.      Select the PSA product and agreement to map the NCE product to.

If you receive this Prompt, then select YES

Select the PSA product from the drop down list and click SAVE.

Confirm the PSA agreement and product is correct and click SAVE.

 Once the mapping has been confirmed, the product mapping will be visible in the list.

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