NCE Sync for ConnectWise

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CSP Portal's NCE sync solution is expecting the Prorate Agreement flag to be Disabled.

CSP Portal's sync solution for ConnectWise creates a facsimile of your Dicker Data invoice using Additions on Agreements.

A new set of additions will be generated per month, with the intended output as one addition per invoice line item.

  1. Invoice Quantity
  2. Total Price
  3. Billable Amount (Calculated by CSP Portal)

Effective and Cancelled dates are set as the Invoice Date from Dicker Data:

Using the invoice details above, this article will walk through the fields and formulas used to sync an example line item.

Calculated Subscription Price

To determine the Calculated Subscription Price, CSP Portal uses the formula below. The formula accounts for full or partial term charges, resulting in the billable amount per unit.

CalculatedSubscriptionPrice = (UnitPrice / CycleUnitPrice) * PsaProductPrice
Unit Price

How much you're charged per-unit for a line item within your Dicker Data invoice.

Cycle Unit Price

How much you're charged for a line item's billing cycle. Displayed within the Dicker Data portal.

PSA Product Price

The price of the product this line item is linked to within your ConnectWise instance. This can also be set using a Custom Product Profile.

Billable Amount

The Billable Amount is calculated by multiplying the billable amount per unit by the total number of units. It is the total amount billable for a single line item.

BillableAmount = CalculatedSubscriptionPrice * InvoiceQuantity
Invoice Quantity

The total units of a line item on your Dicker Data invoice.

Example Billable Amount Calculation
CalculatedSubscriptionPrice = (UnitPrice / CycleUnitPrice) * PsaProductPrice
CalculatedSubscriptionPrice = (122.34 / 122.34) * 145.20
CalculatedSubscriptionPrice = 145.20

BillableAmount = CalculatedSubscriptionPrice * InvoiceQuantity
BillableAmount = 145.20 * 1
BillableAmount = 145.20

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